Improve Your Workplace Injury Prevention and Management

Improve Your Workplace Injury Prevention and Management

Have you considered how a renewed focus on safety could save your business thousands?

Involving employees in workplace safety can pay dividends in reduced loss of employee hours due to injury. Having workers participate in regular meetings and safety audits to highlight potential hazards can create solutions to stop accidents from happening.

Not only will injury prevention management reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents, but it could help your business to secure lucrative contracts with businesses that require thorough safety policies and procedures to be in place.

So, how can you improve your workplace injury prevention and management?

The Queensland Government, in conjunction with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and WorkCover Queensland, have created the Injury Prevention and Management program (IPaM) to assist businesses improve their injury prevention, rehabilitation and return to work arrangements.

More than 2,000 Queensland employers have already taken advantage of the Injury Prevention and Management program and seen improvements in:
  • worker participation and involvement
  • injury and insurance claim rates
  • average claim costs
  • injured workers returning to work
  • productivity
  • insurance premium rates
  • workplace injury rates
There’s no charge to participate in the IPaM program and it is available to any Queensland employer with a WorkCover Queensland policy⁠—regardless of the size of the business. Sole traders who are not insured through WorkCover Queensland may also be eligible.
Whitson Dawson can assist businesses in putting the first steps in place to apply for the IPaM program, a move which will enhance the safety of your employees and strive to improve prevention and management of future workplace injuries. 

How does it work?

When you enter the program, you are allocated a dedicated advisor who will take the time to understand your individual business needs and provide tailored advice and support.
Your Workplace Health and Safety advisor will work with you to complete:
reviews of health, safety and injury management
  • systems
  • identification of workplace hazards
  • assessment of workplace safety climate
  • a tailored business improvement plan

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Workplace safety begins and ends with you.
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