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Whitson Dawson provides bookkeeping services for all clients in Mackay and surrounding areas, delivering exceptional service & expert solutions to all business owners.

Experienced & Professional Bookkeepers

Experienced and Professional Bookkeepers — Bookkeeping Mackay, QLD

At Whitson Dawson, our experienced and professional bookkeeping team aims to deliver an exceptional level of service to Mackay business owners.

Our service is efficient, dependable, and cost-effective. We work closely with you and your accountant to achieve the most beneficial outcome for you and your business.

Our personalised service will help streamline your financial procedures and give you valuable time so that you can focus on what is important – your business!

Our team can provide you with a full bookkeeping service, including maintenance bookkeeping services, as well as bookkeeping training at your workplace.

We can offer our services on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, covering all aspects of business management, payroll, ATO, and super obligations.

All our bookkeeping services and processes are done in-house. Our team can also go out to your home or place of business, visiting in-person.

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Bookkeepers That Free Your Time

By allowing our expert team to handle your bookkeeping, you can allow for more free time to focus on business strategies and sales, rather than getting bogged down with compliance and bookkeeping tasks.

With the team at Whitson Dawson, there are countless benefits to our bookkeeping service.

Our team provides a quick, streamlined, and efficient service – further helping you cut down on costs, and ensuring you are compliant with all accounting, payroll, and workplace regulations.

Our bookkeeping services can be personalised to suit your specific requirements – keeping accurate, up-to-date records, and maintaining all reporting deadlines.

And with our team of dependable backup staff, we can further ensure your business needs are always met.

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Our Bookkeepers Are Comprehensive & Thorough

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Our team provides a comprehensive range of services. From monthly financial reports and payroll, to handling WorkCover, awards, superannuation, payment summaries, and more.

Our services also include:

We also provide assistance with Coal LSL obligations and grant applications.

For further information on how our team can assist with your bookkeeping needs, speak with one of our friendly staff members today to book in your next appointment. Our team is here to help.

Our Bookkeeping Team

Barbara Volker — Whitson Dawson In Mackay, QLD

Barbara Volker (B.ACC)

Client Manager Bookkeeping

Barbara holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and is also a commissioner for declarations. She has a wide range of experience in the financial industry, having worked previously in the banking sector prior to commencing her employment with Whitson Dawson in 2009. She also understands the practical side of business operations, having assisted in the running of her family business for several years. Barbara always takes the time to truly understand the situation at hand, applying her practical expertise to your business and its individual needs.

Vanessa-Erasmus — Whitson Dawson In Mackay, QLD
Office Manager

Vanessa Erasmus

Vanessa has extensive experience in administration, human resources, customer service, and bookkeeping. She has gained her experience from a variety of business sectors. This includes banking, commercial development, engineering, mining, retail, and accounting. She is continually developing her professional knowledge of the bookkeeping workplace and employment law industry. Vanessa encourages the team to be positive, enthusiastic, and to always provide outstanding service to clients.

Bookkeeping FAQs

Bookkeepers are primarily responsible for ensuring accurate record-keeping pertaining to the financial aspects of your business. This means that they will make sure that there are accurate records of your sales and purchases, as well as reconcile your bank statements (checking that the credits and debits in your business account are matched by invoices and receipts).

In addition, bookkeepers also play a key role in ensuring your organisation has access to timely financial reports and information, providing the data needed for good-quality decision making.

The main difference is that accountants are experts in tax law – their goal is to give your business the advice it needs to comply with relevant tax legislation, at the same time as minimizing your tax burden.

Accountants will also fill in your tax returns, financial forecasts and other financial documentation, based on information prepared by the bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers traditionally are primarily concerned with ensuring good financial recordkeeping processes. That said, modern bookkeepers can often advise on all sorts of business financial matters, from solutions to poor cash flow through to preparing a tax return before it’s checked and signed off by an accountant.

Because bookkeepers are concerned with ensuring the accuracy and robustness of your financial reporting systems, and you trade all year-round, bookkeepers are required on a year-round basis.

Yes, if required. Bookkeepers offer a wide range of services, including payroll, ATO, super and related HR matters. Many smaller companies use a bookkeeper to complete all their payroll work, as well as make sure that their financial records are accurately recorded and up-to-date.

This depends on how proficient your in-house team is at using the bookkeeping software! If you want to complete your bookkeeping in-house, you’ll either need to hire a bookkeeper to operate the bookkeeping software or pay for training for a member of your team. We can provide either option. If you haven’t bought software yet, we are happy to advise on what might be best for your operation.

Smaller businesses usually find it more cost-effective to hire a professional bookkeeper for a few hours each week. They will have the software to securely and accurately keep your financial records, meaning you don’t have the initial outlay on fresh software to pay for.

Having a bookkeeper isn’t a legal requirement. Some sole traders with straightforward businesses find that they can complete their financial record keeping along with their other tasks. That said, many others struggle to stay on top of their bookkeeping (particularly if figures isn’t their strong point) as well as do everything else that’s necessary to run the business. Because of the importance of accurate financial record keeping, we strongly recommend hiring a bookkeeper unless you are sure you have the time and skills to do the job in-house.

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