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Team Testimonials

Trudy Thatcher – Senior Manager (B.Bus (Acc), CPA) 

Nearing the completion of my Business Degree at Central Queensland University in 2001, I joined the practice as a junior accountant. Since then, through the continuous professional development and support offered by Whitson Dawson, I have become a fully qualified member of CPA Australia. I conduct local in-house training seminars held for the benefit of graduates, covering a diverse range of topics. In order for Whitson Dawson to maintain a high standard of knowledge throughout the office, I frequently attend professional seminars offered by a range of professional bodies both locally and interstate.

Kacey Peoples – Senior Manager (B.Acc, CPA)

My time at Whitson Dawson has allowed me to build a strong base of knowledge and I have been provided with opportunities and challenges that ensures my skills are always evolving. The mix of youth and experience has created an ideal environment for me to pursue my career as an accountant.

James Attard- Senior Accountant (B.Acc, CPA)

Whilst in my senior years in high school I completed three weekly rounds of work experience at Whitson Dawson. At the end of my schooling I was offered a position as a trainee accountant and completed part time study while working full time. The knowledge and experienced I gathered through my studies has enabled me to further understand the theories as well as the practical application. The experienced team at Whitson Dawson have helped me progress my application of accounting into further studies and development as an Accountant overall.

Kristen Pulfer – Undergraduate Accountant 

After graduating high school, I joined Whitson Dawson in 2016 as an Undergraduate Accountant whilst attending university part time. Whitson Dawson has provided me with quality staff training and seminars in order to produce the high standard of work Whitson Dawson provides to their clients. It is a pleasure to work with all the members of the staff at Whitson Dawson.

Lara Mathews – Graduate Accountant (B.Bus (Acc & IS), ASA)  

Whitson Dawson opened their doors to me in 2017 with the position of undergraduate accountant/bookkeeper. The team has provided me with so many opportunities and has supported me through university and now my CPA studies. The friendly staff make the workplace a great place to be throughout the week and it is great knowing I am now part of it too.