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Team Testimonials

Trudy Thatcher – Senior Manager (B.Bus (Acc), CPA) 

Nearing the completion of my Business Degree at Central Queensland University in 2001, I joined the practice as a junior accountant. Since then, through the continuous professional development and support offered by Whitson Dawson, I have become a fully qualified member of CPA Australia. I conduct local in-house training seminars held for the benefit of graduates, covering a diverse range of topics. In order for Whitson Dawson to maintain a high standard of knowledge throughout the office, I frequently attend professional seminars offered by a range of professional bodies both locally and interstate.

Michael Agius – Senior Accountant (B.Acc, CPA)

I commenced working at Whitson Dawson at the age of 19 years in 2005 I was an undergraduate completing my accounting degree through Central Queensland University, now known as CQ University Australia., I am almost in my 10th year of employment with Whitson Dawson and I still love my career and the career opportunities offered by Whitson Dawson. I am now a fully qualified member of CPA Australia.  My role within the firm has varied over time and I am now one of their senior accountants.  My development in the firm has been due to the constant support and training available from my mentors and the Directors of the firm which has put me in a good position to further my career within the firm.

Kacey Peoples – Senior Accountant (B.Acc, ASA)

My time at Whitson Dawson has allowed me to build a strong base of knowledge and I have been provided with opportunities and challenges that ensures my skills are always evolving. The mix of youth and experience has created an ideal environment for me to pursue my career as an accountant.

Kavita Garan – Bookkeeper

I joined Whitson Dawson about a year ago in 2014. This year has been the most pleasurable experience I have had with any organization so far. I must sincerely take this opportunity to thank Andrew and Vanessa for taking me aboard. They did not hesitate to recruit someone like me who was on work visa and had no prior job experience in accounting. I have never  once felt like an outsider. I was given professional training and the correct tools to enhance my knowledge. The staff are very friendly, courteous and professional. Everyone is always willing to help. I find the management team very understanding and approachable. Since starting out with Whitson Dawson, I have had the opportunity to work within an organization that allows for both individuality and one’s respective needs whilst fostering a true team environment.  I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to grow. I feel honoured and content to be part of Whitson Dawson.