How to Claim Your Tax Refund

Are you entitled to a tax refund? In Australia, everyone who works has to pay income tax, but depending on your current visa status, you may have a different tax rate.

There are a number of different tax refunds you may be entitled to, including superannuation refunds and tax you have paid during a working holiday. These taxes will be automatically deducted from the pay you receive if you’re working under a Tax File Number, so you might not have realised you paid them.

If you think you’re entitled to claim a tax refund in Australia, there are a number of ways to do so and at Whitson Dawson, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your finances with a range of professional accountancy services.

When can you claim a tax refund?

If you are claiming a tax refund, you can do this at any time if you leave Australia as long as you won’t be working there again before June 30th.

This is the end of the financial year in Australia and you can apply for your tax return for work between 1st July and 30th June the following year.

It usually takes between two and four weeks for your tax refund to be received after an application has been lodged.

What am I entitled to?

If you have legally worked in Australia and you have been there for over 6 months, you will have to file a tax return on the 30th of June.

The average Australian tax refund is around $2600, so it makes sense to apply as soon as you can. If you’re on a working holiday visa, you will be taxed at 15% up to the $45,000 you make and this can add up, so it’s important to file your claim.

You may also be entitled to a superannuation refund for your time in Australia. If you have earned over $450 a month, your employer is legally obliged to pay the equivalent of 9.5% of your salary into a superannuation fund, which you can claim back.

How to apply to claim your tax refund

There are a few different ways you can apply for your tax refund, including online through the Australian government’s website or by going through a specialist accountant or tax agent.

In order to apply, you will need your Tax File Number, as well as your PAYG and ID. Experienced tax advisors can handle the application process for you and will make sure you have all the evidence necessary for a successful application.

If you’re unsure about what tax refunds you are entitled to, it’s important to talk to a professional accountant who has experience in Australian taxation and accounting.

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